Sharing our love of horses

Renaissance rider is something that was born out my daughter's and my shared love of riding, and the faithful four-legged friends who carried us through this journey called life.

Our Loves


Buttercup, an Arabian/Welsh pony, who possessed only the best qualities of both breeds. Her character was matched only by her talent and beauty. She could do it all and was indeed rarest of friends.


From the prestigious beginnings of her Breeder's Cup pedigree, Saucey was destined to provide a lifetime of enjoyment for our family. She was proficient in dressage and eventing, and she took home numerous local and regional awards including the title of reserve champion at CADORA.


This high-spirited beauty was a registered thoroughbred who had competed at Fort Erie and Woodbine under the name Cocuna's Lady. with a little bit of TLC, she soon adapted to a life in the hunter ring, and provided years of enjoyment to our family.


Good old Salt was a purebred Welsh pony, who's calm demeanour and good nature helped shaped many generations of young riders.


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